Engineering Industry


We make variety of polyurethane products that are used in engineering industry, offering hardness from 20 shoreA to 95 shoreA durometer.

  • Polyurethane Wheels
  • Polyurethane Nozzles
  • Polyurethane Clamping products
  • Polyurethane Sheets, rods and tube products
  • Polyurethane Molded Items

Polyurethane Wheels

Hredaan elastomers can manufacture polyurethane wheels of any size, shape, color, hardness and durometer for various applications. Polyurethane wheels offer benefits unmatched to steel, plastic and rubber wheels.

We use excellent quality polyurethane compounds that have strong chemical bonding with steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic compounds. It offers additional advantage of recoating the metal hub. It helps in avoiding retooling and replacement cost.

Polyurethane Wheels Offers

  • Long Service Life
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Impervious to Ozone, Acids, Solvents and Harsh Chemicals
  • Have Exceptional Abrasion Resistance and Avoids Floor Damages
  • Offer Better Grab And High Traction For Paper, Glass etc
  • Can Be Made Sponge-Soft Or Iron-Strong

Polyurethane Nozzles

PU Nozzles has the ability to tackle high-pressure applications, like sandblasting (like dispensing sand, water or other abrasives). A urethane spray nozzle can perform many tasks like washing, lubricating and distributing. It takes over plastics, nylon and other material.

Our team designs as per customer’s given specifications and the product are manufactured with high quality material, in compliance with the industry standards.

Polyurethane Sheets, Rods, Bars & Tubes

  1. Hredaan Elastomers have variety of cast mold sheets; can produce PU Sheets of any thickness and hardness ranging 20 shoreA to 95 shoreA. Polyurethane sheets are made up of unique material and are extensively used in engineering industry, for its extra toughness, durability and high tear strength and resistance to abrasion.
  2. Polyurethane Rods

We manufacture wide range of pu rods, as per requirement of our customers in any shape and sizes.

PU Rods are are widely used to

  • Press tools
  • Strippers
  • Pressure cylinders in protruding application and in variety of other applications.

PU rods are greatly appreciated in engineering industry for its durability and excellent sound reduction properties in comparison to other materials and also have good electrical insulating properties.

  1. Polyurethane Bars are used as pressure pads in stamping application, bending, forming, as well as helps in producing custom items in low volume products such as bumpers and bushings. It is extensively used in engineering industry for its superior quality and excellent characteristics.
  2. Polyurethane Tubes can be used as slide on covering for conveyor rollers and are well suited for prototype parts. PU tubes are widely used as it has good resilience to all types of weather, oil, and grease and have high tear strength. It is also ozone resistant which makes it good material for outdoor use. Hredaan Elastomer customizes Polyurethane Tubes for specific applications as per the customer requirements.